Saturday, 17 December 2011


Christine Anila Kumari.D is the Principal of Hoskote Mission Institute of Nursing


            The Hoskote Mission Institute of Nursing has started in the year 1996, under Hoskote Mission of MTEA.    The Hoskote Mission Institute is a Mission Institute intending to provide the best nursing education based upon the scientific Principles.  The Institute aspires to the alround development of the student nurses with special emphasize on spiritual, cultural, intellectual, social & psychological dimensions.  The faculty is committed to bring out the hidden potentials of each students, motivating and equipping them to provide quality care and to become able administrators and educationalists that can face the challenge of nursing profession. 

The HMIN is a Mission Institution intending to provide best nursing education based on scientific principles and prepares professionally qualified nurses. The Management and the staffs of HMIN:-
Believe that the basic course in Nursing is a formal educational preparation which should be based on educational principles.
Recognize that we have a responsibility to the student and to the society, to make provision for continued development of the student as an individual, a citizen as well as a Nurse.
Accept that we should prepare nurses for first level positions in nursing both in the hospital as well as in the community.
Believe that the practice of Nursing requires a good understanding of basic scientific principles. We should mould the student's body, mind and spirit.
Recognize that nursing is a profession which is influenced by advancement in science and technology.
We believe that we have a responsibility for the all round development of the students with special emphasis on cultural, spiritual, intellectual, social& psychological dimensions.
Purpose:The purpose of this course is to prepare nurses who will be able to function as members of the medical community motivated by the life and teaching of Christ the Divine Healer. This programme will help the student’s nurses in their personal and professional development, so that they can do their best to the Nation, Community, Family and Self.
At the end of the nurisng courses conducted in HMIN, the students are able to
  • Acquire knowledge and skill both in theory, practical and allied subjects, involved in health care system.
  • Apply relevant and scientific knowledge from biological and behavioral sciences in rendering nursing services to the hospital and community.
  • Assess nursing needs of the individuals sick or well, and plan, implement and evaluate the care.
  • Utilize this acquired knowledge for the development of self, other individuals, families and community
  • Co-operate with all the members of the health care team, hospital/community in the prevention of diseases, promotion, restoration, and rehabilitation of health.
  • Develop skills in teaching, nursing management, IPR (inter Personal Relationship) and communication.
  • Develop leadership qualities in problem solving, decision making at different levels of work and life.
  • To impart health knowledge to others through health education.
  • Recognize and respect ethical values of Hoskote Medical
    Mission in their personal and professional life in rendering committed service and care with the spirit of Christ.

            Out Institution being one of the best centre for Board Examination, we conducted August 2011 annual exams, and this year 7 schools attended the exams.  The last year result of our students is as follows
III year                        -           100%
II year             -           95%
I year               -           87%